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Your Latest Projects On Your Blog! MISC 

Your Latest Projects On Your Blog!

Hey girls! Have you noticed that at the bottom of the forum and the blog at, the latest projects that are uploaded into the gallery show up?

How would you like YOUR latest projects that you upload into the gallery here at Faith Sisters to show up on your blog too?

Now you can!

Check out my blog… I put mine at the top but you can put yours on the bottom, and if your side bar is wide enough, 250 pixels I believe, you can also have it going vertically on your blog!

In BLOGGER, what you want to do is go into your LAYOUT and the Page Elements. Then you will want to Add a Gadget, and choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget and then paste the code in (see below). Once the gadget is on the page, you can move it to the top of your blog layout or to the bottom by clicking on it and moving it with the mouse.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

When you are done, post your blog below so we can all take a look!

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