You Are My Sunshine Collab

Each week, we will be sharing with you a link or 2, so that you can download the collab.  These will only be available for a limited time for free, it is also available for purchase in our store.  If you wish to purchase it now, just contact me and I will send you a coupon code to get it at a discounted price.

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This month, we have for you – You Are My Sunshine

This vibrant collab will help to shake those winter blahs away…

Here is Part 1 of You Are My Sunshine

To download this weeks part, sign up for the Collab Club today!

Here is Part 2 of You Are My Sunshine

To download this weeks part, sign up for the Collab Club today!

8 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine Collab

  1. Великолепный,яркий,весенний набор!!!Большое спасибо! Gorgeous, bright, spring set !!! Thank you so much!

    1. Be sure that you have signed up for the Collab Club and mention which collab you like best, or that you are signing up for the collab club. If I don’t see any mention of the Collab Club in your message, I figure that someone is just signing up. I don’t want to be sending you Collab Club notifications if you don’t want them. 🙂 If you cannot sign in with the password – please COPY and paste it….

  2. Изменила имя,пароль – не могу войти в клуб. Помогите пожалуйста.
    I changed my name, my password – I can not enter the club. Help me please.

    1. Did you get an email from me? I tried translating it for you. You do not need to add your username to get to the collabs. Just the password I sent to you. Copy it in English.
      Получили ли вы от меня письмо? Я попробовал перевести его для вас. Вам не нужно добавлять свое имя пользователя, чтобы попасть в collabs. Только пароль, который я отправил тебе. Скопируйте его на английском языке.

  3. Здравствуйте! Не могу войти по ссылке с письма, копирую пароль на английском , вставляю и выходит -недопустимо
    Hello! I can not enter the link from the letter, I copy the password in English, I insert it and it leaves-it is not possible

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