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Why I Faithbook – Challenge Winner MISC 

Why I Faithbook – Challenge Winner

This week we are spotlighting a new member in our gallery, Susan – s3js

Her lovely double layout really caught our eye and the journaling is just perfect for this challenge!

The picture on the left is a winter sunrise from my front porch, the one on the left a winter sunset half the world away in England

Journaling reads:
Father, I seek You hereto praise You. I seek You here when I am in need of sanctuary, a place where I can rest my hands on the horns of the altar and know I rest in You. I seek You here in times of joy, times of sorrow, and in times between when I just need to seek Your face and feel surrounded by Your Grace. I seek You, like David, in the wilderness and in the city, when I weep, when I am afraid and when I dance for joy before You. This, for now, is the place for things I cannot yet bear to share. But one day, Lord, I pray those who come behind me will find it and find You here, in the heart and words of a humble woman – a woman of God, Your daughter, the bride of Christ – and here find sanctuary and peace.

Kits: Deep Winter and Snow Flowers both by Theresa Hernandez
Fonts: More Enchanted Prairie Dog, Vinque, and Rub This!
Picture on right hand page Nature Reserve Near Hagnaby Lincolnshire England by Dave Hitchborne

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