We Believe Blog Train Rules and Information

The purpose of our We Believe Blog Train is to create kits for giving away.  They can be mini kits, full sized kits, alpha kits, cluster kits, templates etc.  The choice is yours.
The train is live on the 15th of the month. Items will remain available until at least the 1st of the next month, at that time you may decide to deactivate if you choose. If you have a  store you are welcome to sell your kits after you deactivate them from your blog.Please include our logo with your preview and the logo is to be used as given and not altered in anyway. To obtain the logo please send a  PM to Anne-Marie (A-M) sharing your email address so the PNG file can be sent to you.  There also could be a new logo stating that the train is hosted at Faith Sisters ( we will let you know if this happens).

Previews and blog info needs to be shared  by the 13th of the month.
You will share your preview and blog code in the thread for the month you are taking part.

We  ask that you include one item to represent Christian or Jewish Faith  ( this can be a Cross, Dove, praying hands, hymn sheet, star of David, etc.)  and  items that are specific to the theme of the month (not just generic CU items).  If you use scripture in your kits remember to check for Copyright . King James Version is totally copyright free. NIV you can use up to 500 verses; ESV you can use up to 1000 verses, but with these you must include in your Terms of Use that you have used these Bibles.

We welcome anyone who wants to create  something for our blog trains… any designers from any store are welcome, we also encourage those who are not selling their designs to join us.  It is wonderful to have the opportunity to share our God given talents with others!