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Thursday, November 18 Designer Challenge MISC 

Thursday, November 18 Designer Challenge

Hello scrappers and welcome to the Thursday designers challenge.

Today I have a new challenge for you. You’ve probably done scripture challenges where you use a Bible verse as inspiration and scrap a page. This challenge is somewhat like that, but it’s with a bit of a difference.

There are a lot of phrases in the Bible, some of which have become well known sayings. Your challenge this week will be to take the phrase I give you and use it for inspiration to make a layout. 

Your phrase can be found in Song of Solomon 8:14 and is just 3 words. It is “mountains of spices“. I like this phrase since we are not in the holiday season of the year when. Here are some hints that may help your inspiration to start working: pumpkin pie spice, Spice Islands, spice trade, spices prepared by the women for Jesus’ burial (see Luke 23:56-24:1), and even herb tea.

Don’t forget to post your layout in the gallery and put a link in the forum. Also, if you are a digital scrapbooking, don’t forget to check our shop for some kits that would go well with this challenge!

I look forward to see what you do.
Tirza for Major Scrapola

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