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Speed Scraps at Faith Sisters MISC 

Speed Scraps at Faith Sisters

Hello, friends! This is Barbara, of Precepts & Promises, here to tell you a little about the speed scraps we have at Faith Sisters.
I host them once a month, on the first Tuesday of every month.  So, our next one is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, July 5th, as 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern.
I have a goodie for you each time, too.  Sometimes I have you download it before we scrap so you can use it on the layout we make.  Sometimes, the goodie is a participation prize given to everyone who scraps with us.
And, that is what I’m doing this Tuesday; everyone who makes a layout and posts it to our gallery within 24 hours of our speed scrap ending will be sent the download link for Summer Photo Overlays.

Now, some of you might not be familiar with a speed scrap.  No worries!  It’s pretty simple.  We have a thread in the forum at Faith Sisters with all the details, and that’s where you’ll find me at the appointed time.  Every 10 minutes, for one hour, I give you a new direction for your layout.  No one knows what the completed layout will be, except for me, of course!  But, because we’re not copying a layout, only the steps to make it, everyone’s is different.  It’s wonderful!
We are a very friendly and welcoming group, and I hope this post has inspired you to come and scrap with us!

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