Scraplift Challenge #2 – January 29. 2009

Hi! I’m Meredith, one of the designers here at FaithSisters. I am here to bring you Scraplift Challenge #2! Aren’t you excited? I know I am! This week I picked the very talented Nikki Painter, aka scrapwithnikki, for us to scraplift. Nikki is so sweet and such a talented designer and layout artist. I really look up to her!

I wanted to shake things up a bit with this challenge. Instead of your typical scraplift challenge, we are going to do this a bit different. I picked out a few of Nikki’s layouts and I want you to pick one of those. Then scraplift it! You can rotate it, flip it, choose a color, whatever inspires you! I even picked a hybrid project, because Nikki totally rocks those, if you want to try something new!

Choice 1:

If you choose the hybrid project, I do ask that you print it and photograph it!

Choice 2:

Choice 3:

Choice 4: (this is the one I picked for myself!)
Here is my layout…
So, create your layout and upload it to this gallery here at FaithSisters. If you don’t upload it here, I won’t know to send you a prize and you won’t be eligible for the grand prize!

Everyone who participates will get a discount coupon to my store. One random lucky winner will get a $10 coupon to my store!



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