Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Faith Sisters Grand ReOpening Party!

For the challenge, we are going on a Scavenger Hunt in our store!  I will give you a hint for the item and whose store you will find it in.

You will find this image on the correct item.  nb_ffclusters (3)

Please keep them in the order below – the 1st letter of each item will spell out a special phrase.  When you figure out the answer send me a Private Message.  For competing this challenge, you will receive 2 chances for winning the Grand Prize Drawing.


  1. Jemima’s Digital Boutique has a kit that is based on Ephesians 2:8
  2. Claudi Designs has several kits with girl’s names.  This one has beautiful green and peach papers.
  3. Kreative Karma has a cute mini kit that tweets.
  4. Dragons Lair Digital Designs Has a golden kit that is perfect for Tropical Holidays.
  5. Nellie Bell’s Unique Boutique has 2 paper packs that are a common greeting when you meet someone.
  6. Lori Imel Designs has a cheerful baby kit that she made for her 1st Grandchild.
  7. Darcie Deann Designs has some papers that are very sparkly
  8. Moore Blessings Digital Design has some beautiful CU Lilies
  9. FS Collabs has a cute kiddie kit that is space themed.
  10. Kreative Karma has a Challenge Kit that can help with Healing Los
  11. Primsy Doodle Designs has some girls that like to move around on frozen water.
  12. Dreamn4Ever Designs has an item that goes on forever
  13. FS Collabs has a huge mega kit dedicated to crafts.
  14. KatLen Kreations has a kit full of circles.
  15. Crystals Creations has a kit that looks very yummy.

If you have any questions or comments, please respond in the comment section below.


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