Restoring My Soul Challenge Winner

Winning Layout by Creatively Obsessed – AKA Michele

Kit is Sonja By Claudi Designs
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As a child I have been through and/or seen my mother go through every form of abuse you can imagine, and some I hope you can’t. I grew up in the worst neighborhoods and went to terrible schools. As a matter of self preservation, at the age of thirteen, after a long stay in the hospital, I built a mental wall, blocking out almost my entire childhood. I remember that things happened to me, I remember what happened,
but I no longer remembered the specific details of the various events. I no longer cared about anything. During my teen years I “had issues”.
It was only by the grace of God that I did not wind up in jail or dead in an alley.

Eventually I met a man who was like not other, the same man that became your father. He worked hard to tear down my wall. He taught me to laugh, I learned to love again. Still there has always been a part of me that remains unseen,the shadows are still there.

When the Lord brought you into my life, I thought he wanted me to help you. While our situations were not exactly the same, you too had a very difficult beginning. In all the world I knew, there were few who could understand you as I do.
I knew I could help you through. There was still time to save you.

Little did I know that was not all God had planned. To help you, I have had to face my own demons that lay buried deep inside. I soon realized that was God’s plan all along. He gave me to you and you to me and we became family.
I thought I was saving you, all the while you were saving me.

It is a long hard road ahead, but we will walk together.