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Providence 365 – Week Two MISC 

Providence 365 – Week Two

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

It is so easy to give thanks to our Lord when things turn out well and work in “our favor”. Yet, we are to give thanks in all circumstances. Really?

Yes, really. That doesn’t mean that we are necessarily thankful for all circumstances. We give thanks IN all circumstances. We each have faced something in our life that is frustrating, troubling or a bit annoying. A difficult relationship, poor health, and financial hardships are just a few of the situations that we may encounter. Perhaps we are dealing with a broken washer, a missing item or a long day with uncooperative children. Really? Give thanks?
Yes, really – give thanks! God loves us and uses each circumstance to help us grow closer to Him. We simply need to listen to Him, follow Him and have faith. We can trust that He is with us and will guide us through these times.

I have had days where I have had a daughter on my heels, following me around the store like a lost puppy. Today was one of those days. Frustrating, no. Annoying, perhaps just a little. But, thankful?

I can now say – YES. Almost 4 years since a life-threatening snow-tubing accident, I am thankful that she is not only able to walk but that she is here today. (She can be my lost puppy anytime she desires ~ just don’t tell her that.) I am even more thankful that through this experience we have both grown closer to our Lord and that we have each grown stronger in our Faith.

I encourage you to look at something in your life this week that on the surface is less than perfect – then reflect on how God is in control and how He provides blessings in your life for which you can give thanks.

Here is free clipart for your week two layout. I look forward to seeing your layout in our Providence 365 gallery at Faith Sisters. Post a link here in our Providence 365 forum at Faith Sisters so we can take a peek!

p.s. it’s never too late to join us on this year long journey. The introduction to Providence 365 and cover page can be found here. Week One is here.

God’s Providence – Give Thanks!

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