Providence 365-Week 32

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Too often during the course of the day, we take for granted all of the blessings we have. But we should give thanks – our Lord is good! He loves us and He has blessed us beyond measure.

The challenge this week is to look around you, and try to identify as many blessings as you can. Create a layout (either in words or pictorial) of each of these blessings…. the more the better!

Here are a few I will be using on my own layout – perhaps these will provide you with inspiration as you identify your own blessings.

Dave, Shannon, Georgie, Mom, Dad, home, food, water, freedom to worship, heat, air conditioning, vehicles, employment, refrigerator, stove, education, free will, (get the idea…..?)

Here is a link to word art to help you with this challenge. Click>>>>>; HERE
And as you work on this weeks’ challenge – give THANKS TO OUR LORD! Keep your completed layout handy and use it a reminder of just how blessed we are. (You may also consider creating this ‘layout’ as a printable file that can be matted and framed and proudly displayed for a gentle visual reminder of all the things you are thankful for) When you are done – please upload your layout in the Providence 365 Gallery at Faith Sisters and share the link with us. I cannot wait to see how many blessings you can identify! (I know my blessings are never ending….)

Wishing you a fantabulous week as you uncover hidden blessings!



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