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Providence 365, Week 29: How Are you Holding Together? MISC 

Providence 365, Week 29: How Are you Holding Together?

Do you know that all the protons in the atoms in your body should be flinging themselves away from each other at light speed?   Do you remember those experiments in science class, where you held two U-shaped magnets end-to-end?  Do you remember how hard it was to push them together?  That’s the force of two similarly charged particles; they repel each other like two people on a terribly mis-matched blind date!   All those positively charged protons in the each atom’s nucleus should be repelling each other, flinging themselves into atomic space.
But, they don’t.
Here’s a great quotation from one of my favorite authors, Bill Bryson, from “A Short History of Nearly Everything” about the mysteries of the atomic world:  There was also the problem of of how protons, with their positive charges, could bundle together inside the nucleus without blowing themselves and the rest of the atom apart.  Clearly, whatever was going on down there in the world of the very small was not governed by the laws that applied in the macro world…”
Scientists finally discovered two new forces, the strong and the weak nuclear forces, that explained atomic behavior.  But, the more that was discovered, the quirkier the atomic world became.  Soon, there would be two sets of laws, one for the world where Newton’s laws (like gravity and inertia) govern, and another for the the teeny-tiny universe of the atom. And, they don’t play together nicely. 
I find this fascinating.  Every time we (as in our collective knowledge) think we’ve figured things out, we just find one more layer of mystery in our world.  Our universe is infinitely more complex and puzzling than what our wildest imaginations can conjure.  God in His Heaven must be enjoying this!
Paul writes in Colossians 1:17:

 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
 And, we can find great comfort in this; while we go about our lives, He holds it all together for us.  Not just in our atoms, but in our lives and our very souls.  He has promised to never leave or forsake us, so we can do the work He’s given us and then sleep in peace at night.  
This week, look for the little ways that God has held your life together.  Sometimes, it’s very evident, as in an accident avoided.  Sometimes, it’s very quiet, as in a Scripture brought to mind just precisely when needed.  And, then we’d love to have you post in our forum and upload your layouts to our gallery.  
You can download the word art here.

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