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Progressive Scrap

Hey y’all, Nellie Bell here and I will be hosting the Progressive Scrap here at Faith Sisters. A progressive scrap is like a slow speed scrap. At the end you will have a completed layout. Are you ready? Let’s have some fun!
You will be given several prompts throughout the next 3 days. Add only the items listed in the steps given. You may add or alter shadows at any time. Once you have finished that step don’t go back and change it. You may only build upon the previous step. We want to move out of our comfort zones here. Don’t overthink it, just relax and have fun!
We will post steps throughout each day. If you have missed one it’s ok to catch up. Just be sure to finish one step before doing the next one.
Post your layout in the gallery and share it here in this thread. Be sure to add your link so we can leave some love. We look forward to seeing your lovely creations!
This challenge counts for 2 chances towards the Grand Prize Drawing!!!

DEADLINE Noon (CST) on Sunday Sept 4th

Step 1
Choose 3 papers,

use 1 for your background,

layer the 2nd one on top of the background (it can be angled or straight however you want)

Use the 3rd paper place it on top in the shape of a rectangle (either horizontal or verticle)


Step 2

Choose 2 frames -Using each frames only once each


Step 3

Choose 1 greenery – ,  and the greenery up to 3 times.


Step 4

Choose 3 flowers, You may use the flowers up to 3 times each


Step 5

2 swirls, string or doodle,  You may use the swirls , string or doodle up to 3 times each


Step 6

Add 1 ribbon or bow.


Step 7

1 journal card or box (optional), You may use the journal card 2 times


Step 8

1 stitching, paper clip or brads. You may use the  stitching, paper clip or brads 2 times


Step 9

Add photos, shadows and title and journaling.  This is the last step!  I can’t wait to see your LOs!!!  🙂

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27 days 21 hours ago

i haven’t tried this before so this really is exciting and at the same time terrifying for me. 🙂

Nellie Bell
27 days 21 hours ago

I was so nervous the first time I tried one. All I could think was “oh wow this is going to be so ugly when it’s done.” But it’s now one of my fav layouts of all the ones I’ve done over the years. Great to step out and try new things 🙂

Nellie Bell
27 days 19 hours ago

lol I already see 2 mistakes I made 🙂 but here is up to step 5 so far
1 to 5

Lori M.
27 days 8 hours ago

This is my first progressive scrap,, ever…. I am very much enjoying this! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Nellie Bell
26 days 18 hours ago

Forever Young

Nellie Bell
26 days 18 hours ago

Thank you Lori for the challenge!

Mary Shackleford
26 days 2 hours ago

I misread the deadline. Just got in from church, so even though I’m late here’s mine since I had done it.

You Make My Heart Beat

Lori M.
25 days 20 hours ago

Thank you so much for doing this progressive scrap. I so much enjoyed it! Here is mine:

Progressive Scrap

I used “Colorful Fall,” by Dreamn4ever Designs. You can find Pauline’s kit at

25 days 20 hours ago

I maybe be too late but mine is coming in a few minutes to complete – since I was at church yesterday

25 days 17 hours ago

Congratulations Mary 🙂

Here’s mine and you can view all my steps in Nellie Bells Unique Boutique Gallery…



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