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  1. A 16 yr old boy from our church youth group passed away a day ago. He just went on the youth mission trip with my daughter. Many of the kids are upset. Funeral is friday. Please remember his family and friends in prayer.

  2. We are leaving tomorrow to go get our oldest daughter 28y – moving back home. She has severe migraines. Pray for a good trip there and back and as we quickly pack up her stuff. Plus pray that she transitions well into our household….

  3. Hello ladies,

    Some of you may know Darcie from our We Believe Blog Train… this was her prayer request this morning…

    “Please keep my family in prayer today. We lost my grandpa on Thursday and the funeral is today. We were very close. I also miscarried for the second time yesterday and I have not been able to grieve for either thing yet. Thanks ladies”

    Please pray for Darcie and her family as they go through their sorrows…

    I will pass on any of your messages through our We Believe Blog Train – Private Chat Forum

    Hugs, Prayers and Blessings from Jemima

    *ALSO praying for your situations as well…

  4. Another prayer request please – for Bernadette (I call her Bernie and she’s on my CT Team!)
    Quote from OSLS –
    On August 10th I will be admitted to the hospital in Boston for a surgical procedure. The pre-op testing is all done and I don’t know if I mentioned before that we have been doing a lot of running back and forth to Boston, but this is the reason why. To put it mildly, it MAY be a return of the cancer that I had 20 years ago and had surgically removed and then treated for it for the next 2 years. I got very good treatment, but they also stress that once somebody has cancer, you are a cancer survivor and that you are never really free from it. I have 3 choices for the outcome that I know of, it could have metastisized and still be thyroid cancer, it could be lung cancer as the spots are on my lung, or it could be benign. (By the way, I have never smoked a day in my life so I find it hard to believe it might be lung cancer). Anyway, whatever the outcome, I will let you know (hopefully) and also hope that it can be taken care of. Just letting you all know as I don’t know how long I may not be on OSLS. I am trying to get as much done of my challenges as I can before then. I will be thinking of all of you and will miss OSLS for sure–all you gals are the greatest.

    Thanks Ladies – I’m sure you’ll be praying for her… and I’m praying for your requests too…
    Hugs and God’s Blessings from Jemima

  5. Plus yet another prayer request…
    My brother Samuel isn’t well at the moment and now they have to sell their home because of finances – please pray for the family as they go through this sorrow…

      1. Thanks so much Lori
        Prayers are continuing for Darcie, Bernie, your Daughter – Lori, Mar and mindingmomma’s friends and their sorrow… plus my families troubles… plus our health issues still… 🙁

      2. Thanks so much for your continued prayers – he’s feeling better and now they are still choosing where to live… still in the country or come back to the city…

  6. I normally do not seek prayer for myself but I really need some prayer support:
    Twice since 2010 I have suffered with a pinched nerve and had great recovery with visiting Phsyiostherapist.
    In May this year it recurred and this time the physiotherapist I saw after three visits said she could do no more to help me. I decided to see another physiotherapist and she did a sensation test and discovered I was losing sensation in my right hand and arm. She straight away referred me to a doctor for xrays. yesterday I saw the doctor for the results of the xray:

    I have degenerative disc disease and mild disc space narrowing at C6 – C7 and the pins and needles in my right hand is because of mild to moderate bilateral C6-C7 osteophytic forminal narrowing ( which means the where the nerves comes out from the spinal cord through the vertebrae is narrowing so when I move my neck in certain ways.. it pinches the nerve). The doctor said that Physio therapy possibly will not help. He sent me away saying…. come back if it gets worse. I am not so happy… I want a good nights sleep… I am sick on not sleeping well. I am going to buy a new pillow and see if that helps. I am also going to make an appointment with the last Physiotherapist to see if she can help. My main concern is that the pins and needles which at times leave me with pain in my hand gets worse I will struggle worse with all I do… computer work causes pain if I am here for a long period, my other hobbies and normal living.

    Please pray that our great Physician, Jesus Christ will heal me or give me the strength to cope with what lays ahead…. May His Will Be Done.

  7. Hi all,
    Still praying for all those concerned and adding Anne-Marie to my list… (replied via our BT Forum)
    I’ve been in bed all morning due to lightheadedness due to low in iron and an unexpected monthly which came yesterday and heavier today after nearly 2 years without one =( I’ve been resting for the rest of the day in the lounge playing a couple of games on my new phone and listening to our stories via Audible =)
    Prayers, Hugs and God’s Blessings Everyone…. from Jemima

  8. UPDATE on our friend Bernie (Bernadette) from OSLS… and one of my CT members…
    She is still spending very little time on the computer and the telephone which I think is best until she regains her strength. I know that she appreciates your prayers and concern for her well-being. She has received the results of the biopsy. It is the thyroid cancer she had 20 years ago. She will undoubtedly need to undergo therapy but is not yet sure of exactly how much nor when. Bernie has fought this particular “dragon” before and won so I feel confident she can do the same again. Whether she spends any time here at OSLS for the next little while will, of course, depend on how she is feeling.

  9. Quote from Sherry aka Nellie Bells Unique Boutique…
    Please remember my brother in your prayers. I got a call from my sister this evening saying he had been admitted and they sent him straight into Intensive Care. His blood pressure keeps dropping to 70/30 and he is having issues with his blood and his liver. Last time I spoke to someone he was delusional and in pain.
    * Not long after I got the call about my brother I found out my nephew was at the same hospital in the ER with his heart. Please remember him as well.
    Please pray for Sherry, her brother & nephew & family…
    Prayers, Hugs and God’s Blessings from Jemima

      1. Thanks Lori – Sherry is still constantly in my thoughts and prayers…
        I haven’t seen her around for a couple of days now 🙁 Trust she is OK… as she’s been having issues with her own heart…

        Quote ~ The Dr. has said they have done all they can do and the family has been called to come in tomorrow at 11. My heart just could not handle the pain and I had to call 911 to come when I began having chest pains and my AFIB got out of control. I spent the largest part of the day in the emergency room yesterday. They were able to get it under control and sent me home but has started back up this evening. I can not go, my heart simply can not take it.
        While my son was in the room visiting my brother, my brother came to and called out to the Lord. His words were, “Lord help me.”
        I am leaning on the word which says, Romans 10:13 (KJV)
        13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Please pray for us
        PLUS ~
        They have taken my brother out of ICU and placed him in a regular room. Hospice has been called. I know they will make him comfortable. I appreciate your continued prayers.

        Thanks for your continued prayers and trust she will find this soon and know that we’re praying for her… as a friend said once “When you’re thinking of someone, it’s like little whispered prayers” 🙂

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