2 thoughts on “Praises – September 2016

  1. I would like to praise God that my life is starting to be manageable again. It’s been three months of complete turmoil for me with my grandfather’s death, buying a house that needed more fixing than we planned, losing our second pregnancy, and starting a new ministry at my church. The house is coming along (the bedroom is finally done enough that we’re moved into it) and we don’t have to spend every spare minute unpacking, rearranging, and decorating. We’re at the point now where we have most things we need and can do the rest at a slower pace. My new doctor has a plan for the next pregnancy to prevent early loss; we start trying again in a week. And the DivorceCare ministry at church is going so very well! I have four helpers and we are currently helping eight participants heal from the pain of separation or divorce on a weekly basis through the beginning of December. I’m hoping that if all continues to go well, I will be around here a lot more in the coming months. God is so good!

    1. Wow a lot of struggles and a lot of big praises! I know feeling like your life is on such an out of control fast pace can be really hard…. We are starting to ease into a better routine as well 🙂

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