Please Introduce Yourself

Hi all!!!  I am Lori Imel, one of the designers at Faith Sisters!

I am so excited that we are back!!!  Faith Sisters is one of the best stores I have ever been at!!!  I can’t wait to get to know you all!

Please Introduce yourself in the comments below – even if you have been a part of Faith Sisters before!

So I guess I better tell a bit about myself…

I have discovered digiscrapping in the fall of 2005, while I lived in Germany.  Of course I started designing in 2006.  Wow that is 10 years of designing, off and on.  I took a couple years break to do hybrid / printables.  So a few years ago, I was seeing a lot more requests for faith-based kits.  I did a lot of praying about it – and have been designing faith-based kits since.  I have a Fruit of the Spirit series of kits, which I am almost done with.  So then I will have to look into / pray about another series of kits.  Of course with a lot of other things in between.

I have 9 children with my hubby of almost 30 years.  We have 5 girls and 4 boys – 27y dd, 25y dd, 23y ds, 22y ds, 20y dd, 18y ds, 16y ds, 14y dd (next week) and 8y dd.  We are also blessed with a SIL and our 1st Granddaughter who will be 2 at the end of March.  We have been homeschooling them for over 20 years.  This year we will have graduated the oldest 6.  I need to get busy on Ben – 18y – I make a LO album for their graduation party….  That means I have 3 months to get busy and finish his book….  :)

I can’t wait to share together in our walk of Faith!!!


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  1. Hello, I’m Sherry also known around here as Nellie Bell! I am a designer here at Faith Sisters and look forward to making new friends.

    I love all the changes and the fresh new look! I am excited about the Grand ReOpening and hope that you are as well. Tell your friends, your family…spread the word! Share the joy 🙂

    Take a look around. Click them buttons and explore. Come on an adventure in God’s Word with us, you’ll be glad you did 😉


  2. Hi everyone, I host the Looking Back in Time Challenge presently ( soon someone else might take on hosting this challenge)

    I started digital scrapbooking way back in 2008 after doing paper scrapping for two years but cardmaking using rubber stamps since 1992 and still do a little of this but some of my cards these days are hybrid ones.

    In 2009 I started to dabble in some designing and still do as I host the We Believe Blog Train each month.

    I have four precious grandchildren who feature in a lot of my layouts.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I have become a Designer here too  ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>:bg:” />  I was ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>happy” /> and thrilled when I received Lori’s email and have been looking around the store 😀

    I know a lot of you here and new faces now coming as I registered here back in 2009 and you’ll find my layouts in the gallery and a lot of Faithbooking too!  It’s going to be ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>wonderful” /> working with you all here at FS 😀  I’m so happy to be amongst other Christian Designers and creating more ‘n more Faithbooking Layouts ‘n Cards 🙂

    Hi Sherry, Lori and Anne-Marie – it’s great to see you already here and looking forward to working with you all 🙂

    Hugs and Blessings from Jemima

      1. Hey Sherry and everyone,

        Sorry I haven’t been around… 🙁
        We have a Gastro Bug that’s hit NSW… please see it here @

        We have been ill with this since the 14th of July 🙁 are we are still getting through by Not going to hospital and please continue to pray that we don’t have to go there!!  There is no one to look after me if Mother had to go as our friends are in NZ and the others – we haven’t heard from 🙁

        Take care and I hope to post my blog post with my July BT “We Believe Blog Train” Gift later today or tomorrow – it’s NOW already to go… I have been so crook and we’ve been to the Dr and he wasn’t any good our understood how sensitive we both are to medications etc… and my BP has been going up and down like a Yo-Yo and Mother’s has too but she usually has Low BP and is feeling the effect of it… plus I had to go to the dentist this week with a bad toothache and come home with a toothache from what he had to do with it 🙁  It is only just feeling better today but last night we had a rough night with Mother not well until about 2am so we rested in bed until lunch time… we had breakfast in bed 🙂
        Hugs and God’s Blessings from Jemima

  4. Hello everyone, my name is Lisa Hope and I have been doing scrap booking for going on about 12 yrs now but only found it in the digital world about 2 months ago and totally fell in love it. I am a single mom of two beautiful girls. One is 13 who thinks she is going on 20 and the other is 11 thinking she is still mommy’s baby (which I’ll take all day long) I got into the psp and scrap booking world here because of issues with my cancer. I thought I was in recovery but soon found out it had only moved to another part of my body. I have been going through this for over a yr now and still fighting and winning because I know the Lord is the greatest physician and will heal me when it is time. I am so glad to have ran into a Christian based group and then blessed with her leading me to this place. It is so refreshing to be around other Christians and people who share my faith. I know I am so very new to all this and all I say is if anyone sees anything that could help me, plz tell me. I am a laid back very easy going person but always looking to get better at what I do. I am very excited about all this and can’t wait to get going in all things related to Faith Sisters and any other Christian based group or function that anyone would like to tell me of. I hope everyone is blessed with a wonderful day…

    hugs love and prayers

    Lisa Hope

    1. Welcome Lisa! Thank you for sharing your heart with us here at Faith Sisters. I look forward to working with you and seeing all your lovely creations. But most of all I look forward to having you as a friend 🙂

      1. Same here, that’s what I’m looking forward to the most…I can’t wait to get to fellowship with my brothers and sisters and have some fun doing it.

        1. Lisa – I am so glad that you have joined us at Faith Sisters….  We also have paper challenges – maybe you could share some of your paper layouts as well…. take pictures if you can!!!

    2. Lisa, it is so good to have you with us. I am looking forward to getting to know you and fellowshipping together as we create and honor God.

  5. Hi my name is Anja, normaly I use my Nickname Ayla in Forums and I design

    templates and bonus kits for challenges in another forum. I live with my Son Kai

    in Germany – Aachen

    I learned using my program Photoimpact in 2007 in a german forum

    my Son is handicaped and I browsed through different forums and found some Layouts, and I was so excited about this . I bought my program and learned to work with,

    I was CT on 2 now closed forums and found a free photoshop to use

    and now I am learning on different sites and tutorial to use this more

    I love going to the nature and making photos, you can see them in my layouts

    it is wonderful to meet you all here

    1. I am so glad to see you here Anja!!!  Have you seen or done Hummie’s PS tutorials? She is now at mycorneronline…. If you do hers – please share your LOs here!  🙂

  6. Well, I guess this is where I introduce myself! I’m not sure I found your site by accident, following a trail posted by a scrapbook friend to your blog train or if it was one of those Divine answers to a whisper of a wish prayer to find a SB site that shared not only my love for scrapping, but also my Faith. Hummmm… interesting. I am around on a few other Scrapbook sites and love scrapbooking. I started with the paper and stickers then found digi scrapping around 9 years ago when I got a digi camera. My family and the people in the other part of my life know me as Vivian. I am from South Carolina (USA) but for the past 16 years, my husband and I have been living/working in SouthEast Asia and are now headquartered in Hong Kong. That’s enough for now…I’m sure you learn about my two grown children, two grandchildren, and the rest of my family soon enough.

    1. Welcome to Faith Sisters China Doll! We are so happy you are here! Take a look around, visit our challenges and jump right in. There is a FAQ section with lots of info and someone is available to answer your questions if you need further assistance. Don’t forget to join our Gallery and share your wonderful creations!

      1. Hi Vivian – I know you from Wilma4Ever – glad you’ve come across to us to have a look around – please stay awhile and join in 🙂

        1. Vivian I am so glad you have joined us.  Yes, Faith Sisters is an answer to prayer for many people!  I pray that we can be a blessing to you too!  🙂

        2. I have just started participating in W4E. I am so happy that Sovereignty led you here. Look forward to getting to know you!!

  7. Hi, My name is Mary and I go by MaryS or tanni in most scrapbooking communities.  I’ve been digiscrapping since 2006.  My dh and I have been married for 28 years and have 5 kids – 26dd, 23dd, 23dd, 20dd, and 17ds.  The oldest and one of the twins are married and I have one grandson who is 17 mo and another due to arrive in November.  I’ve homeschooled them all and the youngest will graduate this December.

    I enjoy sewing, reading, and Native American fingerweaving and beading in my spare time.  Although that has been sparse this past year as I’ve been taking care of my parents as my mom has been through two rounds of cancer and my dad has dementia.

      1. Hi Mary – welcome to Faith Sisters!  I think I recognize tanni….  We have a lot of similarities….  I have 9 children who I homeschooled and still am….  28dd, 26dd, 24ds, 22ds, 21dd, 18ds, 17ds, 14dd, 8dd…. We have 1 granddaugher 2.5y and my parents live with us…. It is great to see you here!  🙂

    1. We have 4 and I am a retired school teacher, but now homeschool. We have 2 still at home, 14 yr Dd, and 16 yr Ds. Look forward to getting to know you!!

  8. Hi Everyone!  I’m Angi – live in the US – married & mom to 4 kids: 1 girl & 3 boys, ages 16, 14, 11 & 9 1/2.  I started scrapping about 18 years ago and digiscrapping – I don’t remember.  I was previously a member to the original Faith Sisters site.  So happy that you’re back!!!  Is there a way to access my layouts in the old gallery?

    1. Hi Angi – welcome back.  This is my 3rd time at Faith Sisters, I probably saw you around in the past….  I have been waiting and praying for many years for us to come back and now here we are!  🙂 PTL!!!

  9. Hi, everybody, from the Philippines! I’m Marlyn and I go by the name of lawyerlyn in the digiworld. I’m fortunate to have been accepted as a CT member here. i love digital scrapbooking and am a member of several creative teams. i enjoy travelling and photography. i am married but no children though. i am blessed, however, in many other ways.

  10. Hi all, Sorry I am a little late getting in on the introduction, but here goes.

    I have been scrapbooking since 1995. I was scrapbooking when scrapbooking wasn’t cool… LOL. I was a consultant for a company, that is no longer in business.

    As a school teacher, photographer, and scrapbooker, I decided I would take on the task of creating a scrapbook for every child in my preschool class…yep, that’s right, “I am CRAZY!” This was when paper piecing was all the rage. It is a long story, but being in a poverty stricken area with VERY limited budget, I couldn’t afford all those cute little bulletin board kits that I saw in the catalogs, so I started using the pictures and paper piecing to create my own bulletin boards. I soon had other teachers coming to me, to ask that I help them with bulletin boards. I had also been quilting for a few years, and I loved applique, which is pretty much the same technique, just with cloth, so how difficult could 20 scrapbooks be?? Well, with a team of two teacher’s assistants and a janitor who would take her break during our preschool nap time, we would sit around a table in my room and have an assembly line to put together the pages. I would cut out all the pieces at night, and we would work during the day. The next year, I learned about a digital camera. For those of you, like me, OLD, you may remember the big square machines that you could slide a 3 1/2″ floppy disc into and get about 20 pictures per disc. I learned to use one, upload them to my computer, and how to put those in my clip art programs. Then I found a program that would allow me to extract from the pictures, and I was “settin’ the woods on fire.” Over three years, I transitioned to mostly digital scrapbooking to get my classroom scrapbooks. I did these for 7 years…. do the math… 140 scrapbooks in 7 years…

    Somewhere along the way, I learned that I could use my own drawings, scan them, extract them, and have my own elements. Move forward several years, I got married to a man with custody of his 4 children. I was in a new home, new town, new life, and scrapbooking was put on the back burner, but I was taking more pictures than ever before.

    We bought a home in the country that needed to be renovated. More than just your regular renovation, we needed to completely change the floor plan in half of the house. So, with boxes still packed, the renovation began and stopped! Then my dad passed away and my mom moved in, and her boxes went on top of my boxes. With unfinished renovation (we are talking studs up and one sheet of drywall to separate rooms, nothing at the top, but the studs), the death of my father, all of our stuff everywhere it shouldn’t be, three teenage boys and a tweenage girl, I was blessed with a STROKE. I realized when I woke up at 5:30 on the morning of March 16, 2015 that I was having a stroke. I took 2 aspirin, and my hubby took me to the ER. Doctors said it was having the knowledge to take the aspirin that basically stopped the stroke in action. While my symptoms were mild, it did effect my left dominant hand, and my drawing had to stop. In my quest to get healthy, I joined an online health community and they had a scrapbooking group. I decided to join the group, and soon learned there were all of these free scrapbook kits and blog trains, and I started downloading stuff, so much stuff my computer analyst husband bought me an external drive for all my “kits.” Every month, I anticipated We Believe Blog Train. I have been in ministry in one form or another for my entire adult life, and I loved using their kits. That is how I found Faith Sister for the first time. Then, because I couldn’t draw, I began creating my own backgrounds and extracting flowers, birds, etc, from my photos. I asked about joining We Believe Blog train, and then REALLY found Faith Sisters. I say my stroke was a blessing because it slowed me down and gave me a new found career. Later, I will share more about my Bible Studies and how I have learned God often uses struggles in our lives to bless us and bring glory to Himself.

    So in case you haven’t figured it out, I am also adult ADHD, due to hormonal imbalances… so not to waste anymore of your time with TMI, I will sum it up for you: I am a southern, hyper, peri-menopausal, designer, scrapper, crafter, gardener, photographer, home school mom, science teacher, cook, baker, submissive wife, struggling step-mom, lover of Christ, sinner saved by grace, and I am so very happy and blessed to be here with ya.

  11. Hello, I’m Lisa Hope and just a girl from a small country town in coal country here in a little piece of Virginia. I have two beautiful daughters and one son waiting on me in his kingdom on me. I am very active with the girl scouts that my girls have been just crazy over since it started 8 yrs ago. They have never missed anything in those 8 yrs. I have never done anything digital till I started cting and found out I love it soooooo much more than tagging and just get into and will do 2 or 3 challenges or make 2 or 3 layouts in a night when I’m in the groove. I hope to show each of you that I can work hard and be here for all you when you need me too as well. So I know I’m just doing challenges, but if for any reason anyone needs me..just yell..I would be more than happy to help. Hugs Love and Prayers all

  12. Hi! I am Faith – faith8892 on most forums. I found this site a few months ago before the redesign and have been checking back now and then. I am a homeschool mom of 5 (one just graduated!) and found digiscrapping because I was trying to paper scrap books for all the kids – now I can make the page once and print it multiple times!!

  13. Hello I am Crystal Nice to meet everyone. I am owner of Crystals Creations I am designer that just Joined Faith Sisters. I am a stay st home wife. No kids just fur babies. 4 of them all cats I do have one thats not doing so good. I believe her time is coming up 🙁 . I have been designing for 17 years and i love ever minute i am doing it.

    I am also create jewelry and me and my husband runs a small craft supply business. Going on 6 months now business has picked up a little. And this is my love also jewelry making. I am now learning to create resin and clay jewelry.

    Me and my husband have been married for 11 years. Decided not to have any kids cause at the moment we are saving and once enough we plan to buy an RV and sell everything we have and go over the road. Thats one of our biggiest dreams to go see the world.

    Well enough about me. I am so excited to meet new people and chat <3 please follow me on facebook 🙂

    1. I am so glad that you have joined us Crystal! How fun to have a small craft supply business – if I ever need to work outside the home it would be a craft supply store…. 🙂

  14. Hi, I am the newest member, at least last time I looked. lol I have been scrapbooking for years and got into digital scrapbooking around 2014/15. I won a program and was hooked! I recently moved to Placerville, CA with my hubby of 43 years. He is retired, and I am permanently disabled. We have two adult children who also moved with us. Since neither are married they decided to move up North. We are originally from Southern CA. They are doing much better up here financially than down South, as are we. I love living in the mountains. I am on one Creative Team, and I sell in one store, MyMemories. I also like to read, sew, travel, and be outside.

    1. Karen we are so glad you have joined us. I have lived in CA for numerous years growing up. My hubby and I have now lived in Iowa for more than half of our 30 years. We met in San Jose…. I will have to look you up at MyMemories (I am there too)…. 🙂

  15. Здравствуйте! Мое имя Галина, я пенсионер. Начала изучать фотошоп и все что с ним связано очень интересно.
    Hello! My name is Galina, I’m a pensioner. I started to study photoshop and everything that is connected with it is very interesting.

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