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Mimi and her girls
Mimi and her girls (Lori)
Picture of my sister's girls with her grandmother (their great grandmother), who passed away last week. "Jesus Loves Me" Collab kit from Faith Sisters
Hope (Lori)
"Jeany" by Claudi Designs Quotes read: "There is hope for the helpless, Rest for the weary, Love for the broken heart. There is grace and forgiveness, Mercy and healing; He'll meet you wherever you are: Cry out to Jesus, Cry out to Jesus." (from the song by Third Day) "It doesn't matter how many times your world is turned upside-down. As long as you have hope, it will always turn back around." (quote from an Autism site) Journalling around the edge reads: "It is not always easy. There are days when the melt-downs and avoidance of people are too much for me; when I’m not sure I can fight another battle to make someone understand who you are and why you are different. But then I see your smile, your courage, your strengths, your genius... and I know there is HOPE." I created this page based on the January 2017 One Word challenge, which was Hope. I had a really rough week with my 11yro (he has Asperger's), and I felt inspired to go back and find pictures of him smiling through the years to remind me that there is hope.
Meerkats (Lori)
My son enjoying a meerkat experience at Yorkshire Safari Park, Doncaster, UK. "Last Days of Summer" by Claudi Designs
Graduation Day
Graduation Day (Lori)
Template - "Day In, Day Out" by MDD Designs "Prince of Peace" by Dreamn4ever Designs
Easter 2013
Easter 2013 (Sara Westhead)
Can't believe how little my boys were back then! Photos from Easter 2013. "You Are My Sunshine" collab kit available at
My Irish Heritage
My Irish Heritage (Sara Westhead)
Photos of are of my Irish family. The bride and groom are my mom's parents. The older couple are of my my mom's dad's parents. The family picture is my grandfather with his parents and siblings. Both Delia and Patrick (my great-grandparents) were born in Ireland - they met and married in Brooklyn, NY. "You're My Lucky Charm" by Crystals Creations
Wicket (Sara Westhead)
Our new dog, Wicket! "Off the Path" (papers) by Sweet Digi Scraps "Love My Pet" (stickers) by Kreative Karma (
Easter 2012
Easter 2012 (Sara Westhead)
"Cute & Fuzzy As A Bunny" by Crystal Creations