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NEW – Featured Designer: Kreative Karma Featured Designers 

NEW – Featured Designer: Kreative Karma

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KarmaHere at Faith Sisters, we are very blessed to have so many wonderful digital scrapbooking designers who help us in our shop. Every other Sunday, we will feature some of our outstanding designers!

Karma has many rolls at Faith Sisters. Along with being the administrator here at FS, she also is a designer. She has been designing with graphics and websites since 1997. Please read more about her and be sure to pick up some special freebies that she has created especially for our customers. Also be sure to check out her shop as her whole inventory is on sale for only $1 each this whole month!

FlowerKarma, what are some of the life lessons that scrapbooking has taught you?

I have actually been scrapbooking since the 4th grade. Mind you, it wasn’t acid free scrapbooking until 1996 for me! When I was young, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I gathered all of my certificates, ribbons and badges up and displayed them in a book. I think it is so important for everyone to have a scrapbook of their lives. It helps you grow and look back on the things you have learned through out your life and I feel it helps you to be a more well rounded person. It’s very therapeutic.

FlowerWhen did you start digital scrapbooking, designing and what made you get into it?

I think my first real digital scrapbook page was created in 2005. It wasn’t much but it was a start! I have been designing with graphics and websites for a long time but I really started designing product for sale in 2007 for a paper/digital company. I got into designing digital scrapbooking products because it was a natural extension of my website design.

FlowerWhat inspires you to create your designs?

Hmmm, trends in the real world inspire me a lot. Colors that I see in kids movies is a big one. Sometimes my son asks me to make some specific graphics. He is 9 and he actually collaborated with me on his first project not too long ago. He loves to draw graffiti on paper and I thought what a better way to share his talents than to have his create a kit with me!

FlowerCan you share your favorite scrapbooking or design tip with our Faith Sisters?

Good question… scraplifting, templates and sketches are your friend, use them often!

FlowerHow do you find the time to do so many wonderful designs?

I MAKE the time. If you don’t schedule it in, you won’t get it done. Thursday’s are days that are just for me to scrapbook or design. No working for anyone else but myself that day. Well, I try not to, lol! I am what you call a work-a-holic! Anyone here can attest to that I am sure.

ClaudiWhat is your favorite scripture verse?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
– Hebrews 11:1

The following are some of Karma’s favorite products in her shop, right now only $1 each!
My Twilight - The Kit
My Twilight - Border Lines
Sassafras - The Kit
Sweets - The Kit
Beach Elements
True Meaning of Christmas Challenge Mega Kit
My Funny Valentine
Graffiti Grunge - The Kit
Dream a Little Dream Drama Queen - The Kit
And now, here are some freebies from Karma, just for you!
Healthy Living Collab - Quick Page 1 Freebie

Sweets - The Alpha

Remember to be sure to check out her shop as her whole inventory is on sale, in honor of her birthday and Faith Sisters birthday,
for only $1 each this whole month!

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