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New 2010 Monthly Challenge- My Sweet, Sweet Song Faithbook Challenge 

New 2010 Monthly Challenge- My Sweet, Sweet Song

Have you ever noticed how the lyrics of a song can reach to your very soul and touch on feelings that you hadn’t even realized where there? How sometimes when the right words won’t come, there is a song that expresses everything perfectly? I have always loved music and since becoming a Christian I have found that I feel closest to God when I am listening to wonderful, inspiring music. There are some songs that just make you feel God’s presence and connect you to the spirit inside.

I hope you will join me on the first Thursday (starting January 7th) of the coming months for our new challenge where we will be creating music inspired, faith filled layouts and share our favorite songs with each other. Each month I will present a theme with a sampling of possible music selections, along with coordinating digital products from our designers. Then join us by creating a personal layout as you feel led. Use the lyrics on your page, journal about how the song relates to you or how it makes you feel. This is your layout, so there is no wrong way to create it. Then come and share your creation with us on the forum and gallery. I pray that God will lead us to songs that touch our hearts and turn our eyes to him.

The idea for these challenges started after I had heard Third Day’s “You Are So Good To Me (You Are Beautiful)” on the radio multiple times and it inspired me to create a layout about how the song made me feel. I had seen lyrics challenges before but this made me think about doing a challenge where everyone could share the songs that spoke to their hearts.

I’m excited that several of the other designers are planning to join me in creating kits for this challenge and look forward to seeing what everyone creates with them. I have the kit I used for my page above in the shop here.

I hope you will plan to join us each month and I look forward to adding a bunch of new songs to my favorites list.

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