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My Lifetime Story RE-RUN: Challenge 1- My Life Collage / Title Page MISC 

My Lifetime Story RE-RUN: Challenge 1- My Life Collage / Title Page

We are re-running the “My Lifetime Story” challenge in 2011, for those of you who did not get a chance to participate in 2010 and for those of you who got behind.
We will be presenting it as a video this year.

You are creating your own autobiography. This is the best story out there, it is your story. You have created many pages about your children, family, pets, vacations and holidays. Now you can focus on you. This has been a great experience for me and a chance to focus on me! I created these pages with much more passion, it helped me see my childhood in a new light, discover things about myself, my life, how I spend my time and what my priorities are. 

The first challenge is to create a layout that will be the title page to your “My Lifetime Story Album”. You will see I created a layout that is a collage of images of my life. From baby, childhood, teens and adult years showing all the changes to where I am now.

Since this is your autobiography you will want to make a special title for your album. What do you want to name your own autobiography? This can be the title of your collage page.

Next we will be starting the chapter on your roots & heritage.

Be sure to follow this challenge in our forum and post your page in our gallery under the appropriate category! If you are a digital scrapbooker, be sure to find some great products in our shop to help you with your project!

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