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My Lifetime Story Challenge 32 – Careers and Jobs MISC 

My Lifetime Story Challenge 32 – Careers and Jobs

Describe the different careers and jobs that you have had up to this point in your life. Explain the work duties you had at each job, when you worked there, the income you made, etc.

What did you like best about your jobs?

Did you meet any special people at your work?

I plan on including a copy of my resume as well.

If you have old name badges or company ID’s it would be neat to include those or at least scanned copies.

If you have a job that you do not like, maybe you could talk about your dream job!

Be sure to follow this challenge in our forum and post your page in our gallery under the appropriate category! If you are a digital scrapbooker, be sure to find some great products in our shop to help you with your project!

Here are a few inspirational examples from the team for this challenge:

by JackieAnn

by Tammy

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