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Lots of Awesome New Digi Kits at Faith Sisters! MISC 

Lots of Awesome New Digi Kits at Faith Sisters!

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Be sure you get your hands on these sale prices NOW
most of them will be gone by Monday!

Get our “It’s For The Birds” Collab Kits FREE with a purchase of only $10 in product, for the first kit and the SECOND “It’s For The Birds” Kit you can have for a purchase of $10 more, the THIRD you can get with another $10 purchase, and finally, get our Quick Page Kits Free for an extra $10 of purchased product!

So if you order $40 or more in product from our shop, you can have these FOUR “It’s For The Birds” Kits for FREE!

*You will be sent a coupon code especially for this kit within 24 BUSINESS hours of when we receive your purchase order.
It's For The Birds Kit 1
It's For The Birds Kit 2
It's For The Birds Kit 3
It's For The Birds Quick Pages

$3.58 SALE
Moments to Remember
$2.39 SALE
Not So Mellow Melon
$3.48 SALE
At Last
The Graduate - Royal Blue
The Graduate - Red
The Graduate - Navy Blue
The Graduate - Maroon
How does your Garden Grow? Mini Kit
red white and blue - All American mini kit
Sunflower Scrapbook kit
Elly Love Mini Kit
Catch A Wave Complete Kit
$4.20 SALE
Let's Ride
Garden Party
Mother's Day Freebie
Lemonade Stand Elements   Bonus
$2.28 SALE
Moments to Remember - the elements
$2.50 SALE
At Last Element Pack
$1.80 SALE
I spilled the beads
$2.45 SALE
Let's Ride Glitter Styles
$1.40 SALE
Let's Ride Dateometer
$1.00 SALE
Write It Down Vol. 1
"U" Layered WordArt
Random Bits|Digital Compilations by Cinda
Green and Purple JOY Purse Cards
Garden Party - the elements
Alison and Beauty Purse Cards
Hope and Faithfully Purse Cards
$3.00 CU
Circle Word Overlays, Black - CU
$3.00 CU
Circle Word Overlays, white - CU
$3.00 CU
Circle Word Overlays, Brown - CU
$4.95 CU
Fun & Funky Frames|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$4.95 CU
Sping Treasues|Digital Compilations by Cinda
Bloomin' Garden Mats N' Lines
$2.28 SALE
Moments to Remember - the papers
$3.00 CU SALE
CU Grunge Cement Textures
$2.50 SALE
At Last Paper Pack
$1.00 SALE
Shabby Dirty Polka Dot Papers
$2.00 SALE
Colourful Cardstock
Creator's Canvas|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$6.95 CU
Heavy Metal Rocks|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$4.95 CU
Fresh Textures|Digital Compilations by Cinda
Garden Party - the papers
$4.95 CU
Aged Textures|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$4.95 CU
Fractal Textures|Digital Compilations by Cinda
Lemonade Stand Papers
At Last Quick Page Set
Template 46
Consider the Lilies Quick Page #8
Consider the Lilies Quick Page #7
Consider the Lilies Quick Page #6
Consider the Lilies Quick Page #5
Consider the Lilies Quick Page #4
Consider the Lilies Quick Page #3
Consider the Lilies Quick Page #2
$1.00 Consider the Lilies Quick Page #1
$4.20 SALE
Let's Ride Quick Pages
Template 45
Template 44
Template 43
Photo Masks|Digital Compilations by Cinda
Mother's Day Quickpage Freebie
$1.12 SALE
Eight is Great Template
$2.95 CU
Argyle Template|Digital Compilations by Cinda
$1.63 SALE
Moments to Remember - the alpha
$1.00 SALE
At Last Alpha Pack
$2.10 SALE
Let's Ride Alpha
Sparkloop RUBY Alpha, Numbers & Symbols
Garden Party - the alpha
Lemonade Stand, Grungy Alpha, Numbers, & Symbols
Tips for Text Using PSP Tips for Text Using PSE Tips for Text Using ACDSee
Enhancing your Elements Using PSP Enhancing your Elements Using PSE Enhancing your Elements Using PSCS
Enhancing your Elements Using ACDSee Photo Editor Playing with Paper Using PSP Playing with Paper Using PSE
Playing with Paper Using PSCS Playing with Paper Using ACDSee Photo Editor Fun with Photos Using PSP
Fun with Photos Using PSE Fun with Photos Using ACDSee Photo Editor DigiScrap101 Using PSP
DigiScrap101 Using PSE DigiScrap101 Using PSCS DigiScrap101 Using ACDSeePhoto Editor

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