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Last Chance for 50% off Kits and Live Laugh Love Collab! MISC 

Last Chance for 50% off Kits and Live Laugh Love Collab!

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Check out these designers as they are retiring from Faith Sisters August 31st and you won’t be able to get these items anymore!

Be sure you get your hands on these sale prices below NOW
most of these prices will be gone by Monday Night!

Get our NEW “Live Laugh Love” Collab Kits FREE with a purchase of only $10 in product, for the first kit and the SECOND “Live Laugh Love” Kit you can have for a purchase of $10 more, the THIRD you can get with another $10 purchase, and finally, get our Quick Page Kits Free for an extra $10 of purchased product!

So if you order $40 or more in product from our shop, you can have these FOUR “Live Laugh Love” Kits for FREE!

*You will be sent a coupon code especially for this kit within 24 BUSINESS hours of when we receive your purchase order.

Live Laugh Love - Collab Kit 1 of 4

Live Laugh Love - Collab Kit 2 of 4
Live Laugh Love - Collab Kit 3 of 4
Live Laugh Love - Quick Page Collab

Woodland Jamboree Kit
$2.48 SALE
Your Paths
$2.49 SALE
Aiden's Outdoor Adventure
$1.50 SALE
HIS Path - S4H
$2.75 SALE
Summer Garden
Inquisitive Add-On - by Dielle
$3.00 SALE
Inquisitive - by Dielle
$3.00 SALE
I Love Whoo Bundle
$2.00 SALE
I Love Whoo Too
$1.50 SALE
Cool Treats with 2 Free Quickpages Aug.22-29!!
$4.50 SALE
Little Leapfrogs Lisa & Lou
Dream On
$1.00 SALE
Moon Template by Michelle Boroni
$1.75 SALE
Summer Garden - elements
Inquisitive Add-On Elements - by Dielle
Inquisitive Elements - by Dielle
$1.00 CU/OK SALE
Action Bouquet by Michelle Boroni
$1.00 CU/OK SALE
Action Apple by Michelle Boroni
$1.00 CU/OK SALE
Action Limon by Michelle Boroni
Mom Quotes
My Pic's Buttons *Personal/S4H
$1.75 SALE
Summer Garden - papers
Painted Papers - Portfolio 2
Painted Papers - Portfolio 1
Painted Papers - Portfolio 3
Inquisitive Add-On Papers - by Dielle
Inquisitive Papers - by Dielle
Woodland Jamboree Quick Page FREEBIE
Your Paths Quick Page Set
Summer Garden - free QPSet
Inquisitive QuickPage Album - by Dielle
Inquisitive Brag Book - by Dielle
I Love Whoo QuickPage
$1.00 SALE
Template Preview 2 by Michelle Boroni
Template Preview 1 by Michelle Boroni
$3.00 SALE
Template Set 08 - CU
Inquisitive Add-On Alpha - by Dielle
Bark Strip Alpha - by Dielle
Alpha Buttons_White *Personal/S4H
Photographer Resources
$10.00 SALE
10x20 Adjustable Storyboard Template 5
$10.00 SALE
20x20 Adjustable Storyboard Template 4
$10.00 SALE
10x20 Adjustable Storyboard Template 4
Tips for Text Using PSP Tips for Text Using PSE Tips for Text Using ACDSee
Enhancing your Elements Using PSP Enhancing your Elements Using PSE Enhancing your Elements Using PSCS
Enhancing your Elements Using ACDSee Photo Editor Playing with Paper Using PSP Playing with Paper Using PSE
Playing with Paper Using PSCS Playing with Paper Using ACDSee Photo Editor Fun with Photos Using PSP
Fun with Photos Using PSE Fun with Photos Using ACDSee Photo Editor DigiScrap101 Using PSP
DigiScrap101 Using PSE DigiScrap101 Using PSCS DigiScrap101 Using ACDSeePhoto Editor

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