June 1,2,3 Scrap!

Checking my calendar – yes, it’s the third Thursday of the month – time for our 1,2,3 Scrap! challenge.

If you are new to the challenge, the “rules” are simple – I will provide three ‘requirements’ for your layout – and you take it from there. It is great to see how different each layout is from the others. This month’s challenge will focus on the photos in your layout….

Are you ready…..

1. You will use two and only two photos. One photo should fill most of the page and the second
photo will be significantly smaller.

2. Photos may not be the same “shape”.

3. The smaller photo should have a minimum of 3 mats/layers between it and the background layer.

Everything else on the layout is fair game. When you are done, please post your layout in the 1,2,3 Scrap! gallery – here

Each participant that completes a layout following this month’s 1,2,3 Scrap! challenge will receive a coupon for my recently released Photo Mask Collection (shown below) In order to receive the coupon, I simply ask that you post your layout before July 5th in the 1,2,3 Scrap! gallery and provide a link here in the 1,2,3 Scrap! forum at Faith Sisters.

I look forward to seeing what you design! So, ready to go?….1,2,3 Scrap!



In 2007, along with her partners, Sunny and Michelle, Karma created, administered, lead and designed digital product for FaithSisters.com (FS). FS in an online scrapbooking community with over 7000 registered members.