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July 1,2,3 Scrap! MISC 

July 1,2,3 Scrap!

It is the Third Thursday of the month, and it is time for another round of 1,2,3 Scrap! Please join me on this fun and easy challenge. I will provide you with 3 simple “requirements” for your layout – and you take it from there.

This month we go back to the basics of writing. In grade school, we learned to incorporate the 5 W’s when writing. Who? What? Where? When? and Why? (if I recall, we also threw in how occasionally) By answering these 5 simple questions, we can share with our reader what they need to understand our story.

We are also going to share a little bit about ourselves. Everyone has one thing they love to spoil themselves with – not a necessity but something we do for ourselves ‘ just because’. So indulge me – what is your favorite indulgence?

The three requirements for this month’s 1,2,3 Scrap! Challenge

1) create a layout of your favorite indulgence using a single picture

2) journal using the 5 W’s

3) use at least 2 different fonts on your page

To help get you started – I have a journaling page for you – pre-filled with the 5 W’s….. you can download it >>>>> HERE

Here is my indulgence. Yes, I admit it – I love Starbucks. I know a lot of people that NEED their morning coffee – that jolt of caffeine to get their day started. But….that’s not me. I always order my drinks decaf. I know, I know…some of you are shaking your head thinking ‘why even bother’. The warmth of the drink is comforting, the flavor of the coffee is ‘just right’, the sweetness of the drink (even if it is sugar free and non fat) brings a smile to my face every time.

When you are done with your layout, please post it in our 1,2,3 Scrap! gallery – and let us know in our 1,2,3 Scrap! forum – both at Faith Sisters.

Thanks for playing along – and be sure to come back next month for a new challenge on the third Thursday of the month.

Are you ready? 1,2,3 Scrap!

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