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Inspired by Challenge hosted by Cinda MISC 

Inspired by Challenge hosted by Cinda

Welcome to this May 2011 edition of my “Inspired By” challenge! Yes, it’s Cinco de Mayo, but no, I am not asking for a Mexican flair to your layout!

From the book of Ezekiel, chapter 16:9-14

I bathed you with water and washed the blood from you and put ointments on you. I clothed you with an embroidered dress and put sandals of fine leather on you. I dressed you in fine linen and covered you with costly garments. I adorned you with jewelry: I put bracelets on your arms and a necklace around your neck, and I put a ring on your nose, earrings on your ears and a beautiful crown on your head. So you were adorned with gold and silver; your clothes were of fine linen and costly fabric and embroidered cloth. Your food was honey, olive oil and the finest flour. You became very beautiful and rose to be a queen. And your fame spread among the nations on account of your beauty, because the splendor I had given you made your beauty perfect, declares the Sovereign LORD.

This month I want you to adorn your layout with jewelry inspired embellishments.

Here is one of my favorite earrings:

It’s hand made of copper and I’m hoping to find the designer next month at the Columbus Arts Festival so that I can get a necklace too.

You can see how this earring was behind some of the inspiration for my latest kit, Free to Be Me:

If you are not sure what type of embellishments to use, think gold, silver, copper, beads, gems, etc. For completing this challenge you will receive the following quick page. It’s made with my Free to Be Me kit and my Squoval Masks.

Make sure you share your layout in the Faith Sisters gallery as well as the challenge thread in the forum. Links for downloading the free quick page will be sent to participants via private message.

Don’t forget, there are more than sixty of my products in the Faith Sisters shop that are being retired soon and are marked at clearance prices.

The passage that I shared with you reminded me to pray for my neighbor’s little nephew, Ezekiel. He has a brain tumor and his family has been living at the Ronald McDonald House. If you are lead by the Spirit, please say a prayer for Ezekiel and his family.

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