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His Holy Name Challenge 2009 MISC 

His Holy Name Challenge 2009

Okay everyone, the details for our 2009 challenge are coming together! I have prayed a lot about it, and I truly feel the Lord wants us to focus on Him and who He is. He gives us His precious Word as a love letter to us, and it is a self-revelation of Himself. He wants us to read it. He wants me to focus on His Word and see what He teaches us this coming year about Him. So, I am very excited to announce that our 2009 study will be:

His Holy Name” for 2009

It will be similar to my Scripture challenge we are doing this year but we will be focusing on the Names of God. Every other week, I will post a name of our precious Lord along with a small devotion. You then will find a key scripture or a promise associated with that name and create a scrapbook page, card, ATC, Rolodex card or whatever you feel like creating. I will be doing 6×6 scrapbook pages this coming year because I want to keep the album on my coffee table. I will provide my sample each post.

Through this challenge, we will understand Him more fully, build our faith, and come away with beautiful scrapbook pages, ATCs, cards, etc. I hope you will join me in this challenge. I would love to have you.

You may be wondering why I am not having a weekly challenge. I found doing it weekly was a lot of work for many people. People got behind this year then they felt like they couldn’t catch up. I don’t want people to feel that way. If you only get 10 pages/cards done, then that is wonderful!!!!! I thought having it every other week might help everyone stay on track better this coming year and not feel rushed.

I will also be re-running this year’s Scripture Challenge so for those of you want to start that in 2009, you will be able to do that! Of course, you can do both challenges. That would really be a blessing!

Please feel free to post comments here or e-mail me. You may want to start thinking about what you want to use so that you can get an album or ATC holder ordered, dig up that old Rolodex, etc., and be ready for the beginning of the year. Thank you everyone for the chance to grow in our love for the Lord together. I am excited, and I hope you are too! Blessings,

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