3 thoughts on “Chatter – September 2016

  1. Hi, didn’t mean to just disappear after the Grand Re-opening. My mom just started chemo at the first of the month and has not reacted well at all to it. She’s had to be hospitalized this week to get the side affects under control. The hospital is an hour away from home and my dad doesn’t drive so most every day is spent picking up Dad and taking up to the hospital for the day. Then running any errands they need in the evening and making sure he has meals cooked, laundry done, etc.

    I haven’t forgotten y’all. Hopefully can be back soon and join in the challenges and chatter.

  2. I’ve been MIA too with lots of work related travel and work, but I’ll try to get back soon. THANK YOU all for the great sales and freebies this weekend for DSD. Blessings to all.

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