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Iris Folding is an art technique done by layering strips of paper, ribbon, or fabric in a spiraled pattern that resembles the iris of a camera lens. You can use iris folding to create cards, embellishments for scrapbook pages, or wall hangings. I have actually won several ribbons at our local fair for cards and wall hangings made from Iris Fold.

The end result looks complicated, but it is an easy craft to tackle. The hardest part is following the numbers to create the pattern, but it you can count, you can do this project.

Iris fold is incredibly popular right now, and if you do a search, you will be able to find innumerable patterns, many for free.

I have created two fall leaf patterns for you, which can be found free in my store. You can get it here:


We will use one of these for today’s challenge. You will also need card stock, four patterned papers in fall colors (I printed four of my Autumn Bliss Backgrounds), scissors, tape, and two copies of the pattern, one on paper, and one on card stock.

If it is easier to follow colors, rather than numbers, you can print one of the color patterns, included in the download, and just rotate your colors.


After gathering your supplies, cut out the outline of the leaf on the card stock, and cut your patterned paper into 4”x2” strips. (For larger projects, like wall hangings, you will cut your strips to the length that will fill your larger template.) You will then, fold your strips in half, lengthwise.


Start to layer them in color and numerical order. Follow the order at the top of your pattern.


As you can see, the back doesn’t look very neat. You can even see that many of mine are not folded exactly in half, or straight.


When you are finished with the last piece, flip it over, and it should look something like this:


To finish off my card, I like to trim it, making sure everything is taped down, and then glue it to the front of a card, adding embellishments.


I would love to see what you come up with. Please share your cards in the Card Challenge Gallery.

5 thoughts on “Card Challenge

  1. do you have a layered template for this, it would be great to make it with my program
    not printer at this time to print out something

    1. Did you download the files? I think if you used the fill tool and filled or painted each section…. or possibly use the selection tool to put them on separate layers… 🙂

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