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Birthday Bash – Shabby Chic Challenge MISC 

Birthday Bash – Shabby Chic Challenge

Are you ready for your challenge??? You are going to have to put some thought in this but work fast, it is due by this evening at midnight. ;)

So, here we go…
How do you describe shabby chic? The dictionary gives the definition of shabby as, “worn out, frayed, or threadbare after long use”. The definition of chic is, “chic, stylish and elegant”. Thus, shabby chic is a style that uses a mix of stylish and beautiful objects with those that are worn out and frayed. In this challenge you will need to:

1. Scrapbook a photo (or two) of something that has meaning to you and journal why
2. On your layout include 5 distressing techniques. (ie. sanding, inking, crumpling, tearing, chalking, stained, painted, etc.)
3. You may use this free kit shabby chic brushes and overlay kit, or you may use whatever you would like

Remember ~ post your layout to this gallery by August 30 at midnight ~ post your layout in your points thread so you get credit for doing this challenge ~ add this flair to your signature when you are done

Everyone that participates in this challenge will receive a kit that I made special for you! I hope that you will enjoy this challenge and it will bring back some fond memories.
Don’t forget to stop by my store and check out my other fun kits I have there. Thanks for playing along. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! :yahoo:

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