Birthday Bash Sales ALL August!

Be sure you get your hands on these sale prices below NOW
most of them will be gone by Monday Night!


LAST CHANCE to get our “Nautica” Collab Kits FREE with a purchase of only $10 in product, for the first kit and the SECOND “Nautica” Kit you can have for a purchase of $10 more, the THIRD you can get with another $10 purchase, and finally, get our Quick Page Kits Free for an extra $10 of purchased product!

So if you order $40 or more in product from our shop, you can have these FOUR “Nautica” Kits for FREE!

*You will be sent a coupon code especially for this kit within 24 BUSINESS hours of when we receive your purchase order.

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$3.25 SALE
Summer Sweetness Bitty Kit
$1.00 SALE
Sacred Vows
Psalm 46 Kit
$3.49 SALE
Summer Days Kit
Ballroom Blitz
Days of Joy
$1.95 SALENicky - elements
$1.50 SALE
Chipboard Tags: Basics Stash
Jen - elements
$1.50 SALE
Cardboard Tags: Basics Stash
$4.50 CU OK
CU/PU: Tag Templates 1 (PSD)
$2.75 CU/OK
Cute Pack by Glayce Cavalcante
$1.95 SALE
Nicky - papers
Jen - papers
$4.50 CU/OK
Color Crafts by Glayce Cavalcante
Peace in the Valley Paperpack
$7.50 CU/OK
Fabric Textures 01 by Glayce Cavalcante
$7.50 CU/OK
Fabric Textures 02 by Glayce Cavalcante
$4.00 CU/OK
Six Degrees of Grunge CU Overlays
$7.50 CU/OK
Fabric Textures 03 by G
layce Cavalcante
Clip It Fancy Photo Masks
$1.95 SALE
Personality - QPSet 2
$1.30 SALE
Personality - Quickpage 2 - 2
$1.30 SALE
Personality - Quickpage 2 - 1
$1.95 SALE
Moments to Remember - QPSet 3
$1.30 SALE
Moments to Remember - Quickpage 3 - 2
$1.30 SALE
Moments to Remember - Quickpage 3 - 1
FREE Anxious for Nothing QP
Moments to Remember - QP Freebie
Maria - QP Freebie
$1.95 SALE
Maria - QPSet 1
$1.30 SALE
Maria - Quickpage 1 - 2
$1.30 SALE
Maria - Quickpage 1 - 1
$1.95 SALE
Lori - QPSet 2
$1.30 SALE
Lori - Quickpage 2 - 2
$1.30 SALE
Lori - Quickpage 2 - 1
Last Days of Summer - QP Freebie
July 30th Free Template
Last Days of Summer - Bragbook 2
$1.95 SALE
Little Star - QPSet 3
$1.30 SALE
Little Star - Quickpage 3 - 2
$1.30 SALE
Little Star - Quickpage 3 - 1
Kellie - QPSet 3

Kellie - Quickpage 3 - 2


Kellie - Quickpage 3 - 1

Jen - QPSet 1

Jen - Quickpage 1 - 2


Jen - Quickpage 1 - 1


Jen - CD Album 1

Princess In Camo Quick Page 6
Princess In Camo Quick Page 5
Sweets - The Alpha
$1.63 SALE
Nicky - alpha
Days of Joy - alpha
Photographer Resources
$10.00 SALE
5x7 Adjustable Birth Announcement 1
$10.00 SALE
20x20 Adjustable Storyboard Template 4
$10.00 SALE
10x20 Adjustable Storyboard Template 4
Tips for Text Using PSP Tips for Text Using PSE Tips for Text Using ACDSee
Enhancing your Elements Using PSP Enhancing your Elements Using PSE Enhancing your Elements Using PSCS
Enhancing your Elements Using ACDSee Photo Editor Playing with Paper Using PSP Playing with Paper Using PSE
Playing with Paper Using PSCS Playing with Paper Using ACDSee Photo Editor Fun with Photos Using PSP
Fun with Photos Using PSE Fun with Photos Using ACDSee Photo Editor DigiScrap101 Using PSP
DigiScrap101 Using PSE DigiScrap101 Using PSCS DigiScrap101 Using ACDSeePhoto Editor

August Humpty Dumpty Challenge

Welcome to Sweet Tomato’s Humpty Dumpty Template Challenge, a new, monthly challenge sure to get your creative juices flowing. So, here’s the story (and I’m sticking to it): I made this wonderful template and then my toddlers came around and messed with my Photoshop while I tried to go to the bathroom in peace. I should have known it was too quiet for anything good to be going on. When I got back in the computer room, this jumble was what was left on the screen. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to put this Humpty Dumpty template back together again. As to how it goes back to together, that is entirely up to you, my friend. Here are the guidelines:

1. You must use each piece in your layout (sorry no delete keys allowed), but how you use it and where you use it is entirely up to you. You can resize, reshape, reorient any way you please, but it must be there somewhere. Paper scrappers, please play along, just create the bits you see on screen with whatever works for you. This is a PSD file, so for those using other programs, I have saved each item as a png file that you can drag into your program. There is NO obsessing over rules here, if it feels right to you than it is with me!

2. Use whatever theme and kits you would like (50% of it needs to come from the Faith Sisters shop), add and embellish it until you are happy and then upload here to our Humpty Dumpty gallery.

3. Then come back to the monthly thread and post your gallery link so we can give you some much-deserved love.

Here is August’s Humpty Dumpty Template:

Click here to download.

And as some special motivation, at the end of the month I will randomly choose a layout from our gallery and that lucky creative genius will get a $5 gift certificate to my store. Yeah!

Come and check out our newly upgraded forum!!!

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