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Birthday Bash – Letter Jumble Challenge MISC 

Birthday Bash – Letter Jumble Challenge

Our challenges will be posted in our forum… check it out here!

It’s time to P-A-R-T-Y!! Let’s start off this celebration with a fun game. It’s the Letter Jumble. When you were little did you ever make collages using letters and pictures cut out of magazines? I did! And the words/titles were always my favorite part because they added such a unique look to the collage.

The concept for this challenge is really simple! All you have to do is:
-Create a new layout with a title that has two or more alphas in it.
-You have until midnight on August 30th to complete all the the challenges.
-Upload your layout to this gallery Be sure to include your credits!
-Post your layout in your points thread so that you can get a point for doing this challenge
-Add your flair to your signature when you are finished!

Need some help getting started? I created two funky alphas just for this occasion!

Bling It On: Blue Alpha - Click Image to Close

Bling It On: Blue Alpha

Glitter n Gloss Alpha - Click Image to Close

Glitter n Gloss Alpha

Looking for something a bit different? As of right this minute, there are 158 separate alphas in the store! And there are even more built in to kits! Take a few minutes to look through your scrap stash and then go check out a few alphas in the store!

While you’re there, remember that ALL digital kits over $1 are marked down 50%!!!!! I’ll bet you’ll find some nice alphas hidden in those kits! I know that I have several kits with really fun alphas!
My Store

Little Leapfrogs Lisa & Lou - Click Image to Close
Little Miss Hailey Kit by Meredith Cardall - Click Image to Close
Austen - The Kit - Click Image to Close
Emma - The Kit - Click Image to Close
HunnyBee Mine Kit - Click Image to Close
Shades of Bliss - Click Image to Close

Have fun and if you have questions, post them here! I’ll be checking in regularly to check for questions all morning and then in and out over the rest of the week!

Oh! I almost forgot! Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing to win a $7 gift certificate to my store!!!!

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