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Hello, Sisters!
This is Barbara, of Precepts and Promises, here with a little friendly reminder of my monthly speed scrap at Faith Sisters. It’s always on the first Tuesday of the month, or at least I try to always make it the first Tuesday!  We have participants from all around the globe, so the time does change (and I’m always open to suggestions). This coming Tuesday, October 4th, at 4PM Pacific time, is our next scheduled speed scrap, and I hope you’ll consider joining us.

It’s only an hour, and believe you me, it goes by quickly! I give you a total of seven steps, each 10 minutes apart, and at the end of the hour, you will have a layout completed. Occasionally, there might be a step or technique that not everyone is familiar with, so the hour can also turn into a mini-lesson as I help you through. 

And, of course, there is always a little posting bonus from me for everyone who gets a layout completed and posted in our gallery.  This month I’ve made you a Fall Foto Mask.  It’s messy and layered, and I think you’ll like it!

If you’ve never participated in a speed scrap before, go and peruse the gallery to see pages made in previous scraps. You’ll see that it’s nothing too complicated, but it’s always a good idea to have in mind beforehand a few photos that need to be scrapped. Then come and join us in the forum. I’d love to have you there!

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