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1,2,3 Scrap! February 2011 MISC 

1,2,3 Scrap! February 2011

Third Thursday of the Month – and that means it is time for 1,2,3 Scrap! I enjoyed seeing your takes on our previous challenges. I hope you enjoy the February challenge I have planned!

For those that are new to the 1,2,3 Scrap! Challenge, it is really pretty simple. I provide 3 basic ‘requirements’ for your layout and you take it from there. (You can even try a card or a hybrid project using the requirements if you want to think outside the box) When your layout is complete, make sure you share it in our 1,2,3 Scrap! gallery at Faith Sisters and post in our 1,2,3 Scrap forum here.

The requirements:

1. Use only black and white papers and elements for the layout
2. Use 2 different fonts in a color from your focal picture for your title
3. Use lots of white space to draw your eye to the focal picture. (remember that white space does not have to be “white”)

Here is my layout for the challenge. My family gave me some lovely roses for Valentine’s Day~so fragrant and they are still beautiful!

Here is a Black and White Paper Pack to get you started – my gift to you. Click on the preview below to take you to the download. This paper pack is free through March 15, 2011. After that it will be available in my store at Faith Sisters.

Are you ready? I cannot wait to see your layout for this challenge!

Here we go….

1,2,3, Scrap!

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